The Alliance Manufacturing Company

The Alliance Manufacturing Company was formed 1890 in Toronto, Ontario. Their main business was to make the Eclectic Security Tubular Lantern, however they also made chain and other small hardware. With a workforce of about 20 and a factory floor 60x100ft., the Alliance Manufacturing Company was located at No. 14,16 and 18 Bay Street in Toronto. That area of Bay Street is entirely unrecognizable compared to what it is today.

The Alliance Mfg. Co. has remained fairly illusive in my research. While I have found small amounts, none of their advertising includes illustrations, and what advertising still exists is fairly simple. I’m not aware of the year the company ended, however I don’t believe it was around for very long. I’m also unsure if they made any lanterns along side or after they made the Eclectic. No advertising exists that would indicate that. Their legacy may be small but what is left from them is one of the most unique pieces of Canadian Lantern history.