1870’s R.E. Dietz No.0 Spring Top

I acquired this lantern through a trade with a friend. I’ve always appreciated these ‘spring-top’ lanterns. The globe is held in place by the pressure of the spring on the crown. Spring top lanterns like this one are some of the earliest tubular lanterns ever made.  This lantern also has a removable guard. This was an accessory a person could buy to provide some extra protection to their lantern. Without it, it is easy to hit the glass globe against something and break it.

This lantern has a number of patent dates, earliest being April 2, 1867. This is Cirhfield’s patent, the first tubular lantern patent. Right below it is Irwin’s May 28, 1867 patent. When I was out at a flea market, I found a globe marked “Pat May 4, 1869” very similar to the globe in my Dennis & Wheeler No.0. I figured this lantern would be fitting as the newest patent date on it is the same patent date, May 4, 1869. The burner is marked “J.H.I. Pat Feb 1. 1870” J.H.I are the initials of John Henry Irwin.

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