About The Collection

My collection started in a way over 10 years ago, when I was really young and asked my mom for a railway lantern. I loved trains as a kid and wanted a lantern like I saw in movies. She found a mini GSW beacon at a flea market and told me it was a railway lantern. That little lantern became a part of my room, always prominently on display.

Later on, in 2016 I was volunteering at a tourist railway and came across a marker lamp used by the railway. I was immediately hooked. I began looking up lanterns online and seeing all the different types was incredible to me.  Shortly after, I went out to an antique store and found a Adlake Kero No.250 marked for CNR. That was the first lantern I bought. It was followed quickly by another, pretty soon I had a collection going! My collection has continued to grow and grow to what it is now.

In 2017 I was gifted a Beacon lantern, it was my first tubular lantern. Until then, I had passed on them in stores, and hadn’t payed them much attention.  After spending some time with it, I absolutely fell in love with the Beacon lantern. Not long after I went out and found a Banner lantern, turns out it was the incredible Banner Fire Chief lantern. After that I was hooked on tubulars. I soon moved to collecting hot blast lanterns, and have really fallen for the simplicity of them.

Ever since I have kept finding, buying and trading to get the collection I have. My collection has expanded from just railway lanterns to all kinds of lanterns in a short period of time. I’m someone who loves the hunt and researching lanterns, once I learn about another model, I need to find it. That drive is what fuels my collection, my passion for lanterns and this website.

I don’t only collect lanterns, I also love old books, catalogues etc. Some of my other collection plus my 1910 Footwarmer.

About the Site

I decided to make this website to share information about Canadian lanterns through my collection. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of Canadian lantern information available, because of that, I’m hoping this site can become a good resource for like-minded collectors looking for information. I present my collection and research as a sort of ‘virtual museum’ for people to come and learn. I feel it’s a way of giving back to others who have helped me in my learning of this hobby as well.

If you are another collector of Canadian lanterns, have any questions, looking to sell or any other reasons, please get in contact!