Other Lanterns and Lighting

This Page is for all my other lanterns that don’t quite fit into the other categories and pages on my site. These are fixed globe lanterns, headlights, etc. As evidenced by this site, I’m a fan of all kinds of antique lighting. So if the opportunity arises, I’ll go out a little from my usual collection.

Fixed Globe & Other Lanterns

Fixed globe lanterns are the earliest ‘globe lanterns’, (lanterns with a circular globe in it). Fixed globe lanterns often predate the ability to remove them, and as such most of the globes in fixed globe lanterns I’ve seen are plastered to the metal of the lantern. The plaster is often the structural support of these lanterns, so they’re quite fragile.

Other lanterns include oddball items I just can’t quite fit elsewhere. That’s certainly not to discount their importance or enjoyment in my collection, but just working with the space and layout of my website.


I’m someone who loves headlights, their size and look are fantastic. While I don’t own a steam locomotive headlight, I own a few others of different types.