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My website is dedicated to preserving and showcasing Canadian lantern history, and the companies that made them, through my collection.  When I started collecting not that long ago, I noticed a distinct lack of information on Canadian lanterns, so I set out to change that. Canadian lantern history is fascinating, with many different companies and designers making lanterns, all the way back to the 1870’s! Canadian lantern designs also became influential all across the world, giving light to many people throughout history. This will be one of my ways of sharing my knowledge with other like-minded people.

Antique lanterns are highly collectible with people like me, their gentle warm glow, history and connection to the past are just a few reasons people collect them. I was drawn to antique lanterns for exactly those reasons. It’s amazing to think about a time when these lanterns were essential to everyday life, it’s even more amazing when you consider even just 100 years ago is not that far away.  To me, collecting takes on a whole other meaning when you dive into the history and the people behind the item in your collection. Which is why this site exists, to provide that to as many people as possible.

On this site, you’ll find old advertising, historical information, and all kinds of history about Canadian and other lanterns. I have tried to include information on the most common lanterns as well, including Beacon lanterns, and Hiram L. Piper Kero lanterns. Scroll down to get some quick links for those lanterns.

Please Enjoy!

Latest Addition

My most recent addition is a Defiance Cold Blast made by W.W. Chown for W.J. Reid & Co. of London, Ontario. 

Looking for Information About Beacon Lanterns?

Beacon lanterns were made between 1911 and the 1960s. By both the Sheet Metal Products Co. (SMP), and the General Steel Wares Co. (GSW) They’re the most common lantern found in Canada, but for a reason. They are sturdy and burn extremely bright. Overall, the Beacon lantern is one of the best lanterns ever made. I have put together a page all about the history of Beacon lanterns, from the first one, to the last.  Click on the button below to see all about Beacon lanterns!

Some Photography

I’m not the greatest photographer ever, but I do enjoy taking photos of my lanterns every once and a while. Click on the photo to see more about the lantern featured. The photo also changes every time you reload the homepage, so it’ll be different every time you come back.

Lantern Highlight

This is a headlight for a Traction Engine, the steam powered predecessor to the tractor. Made by E.T. Wright & Co. of Hamilton, Ontario.

The Hiram L. Piper Kero Lantern

The Kero lantern is by far the most common railway lantern found in Canada. Here is a history of that lantern, and the realtionship between Adams & Westlake Co. and the Hiram L. Piper Co.

Lantern Highlight

The Lantern Footwarmer was made by the Lantern Footwarmer Co. of Cobourg, Ontario. It was designed to warm your feet wherever you went. It was also one of my most intensive restorations.