1892-1896 No.0 Royal Safety

The Royal Safety came out in 1892, it was designed by J.H. Ferns, vice-president of the company. This was one of the biggest departures in designs from the Steam Gauge & Lantern Company, of the USA. Up until this point the lanterns produced by Dominion Tubular Lamp Co. closely mirrored the SG&L company that partly owned them. A  lot of aspects of this lantern are quite prominent, it’s a lantern that stands out beside more conventional lanterns. The tubes especially, but also the name imprinted on the chimney of the lantern. That is rather unique to this design.

The Royal Safety lantern was made until DTL was bought by the Ontario Lantern Co, of Hamilton, Ontario. Ontario Lantern continued to make this lantern for a short period as well. You can see my Ontario Lantern made Royal Safety here.

The Safety part of the name came from the ‘locking cone’ design. Brass clips were added that went through the burner cone and clasped onto it, preventing the cone from falling off the lantern, if the lantern ever tipped over. The Dietz burners in these lanterns are also specially modified to fit in this design. I’m not aware of any other Dietz burners modified like this. Out of all the ‘safety’ locking designs I’ve seen on lanterns, this is definitely one of the most effective.

My Royal Safety

This lantern came to me through a local auction. I had almost missed it in the sale, but was lucky enough to get it. It’s in almost perfect condition, no dents in the tubes and all original parts. I really couldn’t ask for a better example of the Royal Safety than this.

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  • Vera

    I would like to know what a Royal Saftey lantern with a red glass be worth today?
    looks the same as the photos above but with red glass.


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