The Lantern Footwarmer Co.

Charles Hurlbut Whitaker of the USA received a patent in Canada in 1908, for a “Lantern Footwarmer”. The concept was simple, a lantern with a wooden base around it. On the base was copper pads connected by a copper ribbon that went over the burner of the lantern. The copper ribbon would heat up while the lantern was burning, and transfer its heat onto the copper pads. The lucky owner of the lantern could then put their feet on the copper pads, and have toasty warm feet.

In the same year as Charles got the patent, The Lantern Footwarmer Co. was set up in Cobourg, Ontario, to produce these lanterns. Since they didn’t really need to make their own lanterns, the company decided on Dietz Victors as the lantern of choice. Dietz Victors were the cheapest wholesale option they could get, even up here in Canada. The Footwarmer proved to be extremely popular, so popular it was one of the best selling lantern products of the era. It quickly attracted the attention of the Ontario Lantern & Lamp Company, which bought the rights to make and produce the Footwarmer in 1910. The final product is one of the most unique lantern products I’ve seen.