Terminology & Resources


Lantern Terminology can be a little confusing, and I know I’d end up making it convoluted and confusing, so I decided to let E.T. Wright & Co. do it for me.

A couple corrections to note however:

  • No.2 on that list they call the “Dome” however I call it the ‘Crown’.
  • No.6 they call the “Globe Disc”, whereas I call it the ‘Globe Plate’.
  • 10. The “Steel Clip” as they call it is never that secure. Also I usually call it the ‘Thumb Pull’ or ‘Ring Pull’

Lantern Care

Woody Kirkman’s website does such a good job at this I’ll just refer this topic to his website here

How I Work On My Lanterns

I’ve been asked this a fair bit, so I’ve added a small section here. The way I clean my lanterns is using lye mixed with water. I have a bucket filled with lye, and soak my lanterns in that for as long as needed. I use a fairly mild mix and often let a lantern sit for 24 hours at a time. I pull it out, wash it off and scrub it down with 0000 steel wool. Once done, I wipe all my lanterns with Renaissance Wax, this provides a physical barrier on the lantern that prevents a lantern from rusting again. NOTE: Lye can be extreme dangerous to use and you can be severely burnt by it if you’re not careful. Use gloves when interacting with it, if you do try to use lye.

Other Resources

If you’re looking for other information about lanterns, parts or anything else to do with lanterns, I’ve compiled a list below of other great resources.

W.T. Kirkman Lanterns Inc.


If you’re looking for information on R.E. Dietz Lanterns or other American lanterns, Woody Kirkman’s site is incredible. Kirkman also stocks lanterns and all kinds of replacement parts.

The Loveland Lantern Collection


Looking for European lanterns, look no further than Melanie Loveland’s incredible site.

Kerosene Connection


Canada’s largest supplier of Aladdin and other antique lamp supplies.

Railroadiana Online


As their website states “This website is non-commercial, all-volunteer, and independent of any organization or sponsor.” An excellent resource for all things railroadiana.


RailServe.com is a comprehensive guide to 19,000 railroad websites, online resources, and upcoming events.
Their directory features 180 categories spanning rail travel, hobby, and industry. Updated daily since 1996.