The Schultz Manufacturing Co.

The Schultz Manufacturing Co. was formed in Hamilton, Ontario, during the year 1904 and headed by Ernest P. Schultz. This was after he sold his interest in the Ontario Lantern Co. to Walter Grose, his partner until then. The Schultz Mfg. Co. started with making ‘The Auto Globe’, ‘The Prisim Globe’ and cold blast lanterns to go with them. Due to competition and prices at the time, in 1907 the company was in financial trouble, and had to be bailed out by Ernest’s son, Ernest A. Jr. This reorganized company retained the Schultz Mfg. Co. name, but ended production of cold blast lanterns themselves, instead focusing on burners and globes. In the 1920’s, Schultz manufacturing also branched into manufacturing tobacco products, including the ‘Correct’ Cigarette Roller. The ‘Correct’ name was also used for their lamp burner products.


The Schultz Mfg. Co. factory and office, 154-158 York Street. Hamilton, Ontario. Circa 1918. Photo Courtesy of Library and Archives Canada.

The company continued in the same fashion until Ernest P’s death in 1941. At that time Ernest A. continued the business. As far as I can tell, the Schultz Mfg. Co. continued into the 1960s. They were located at 154-158 York Street, the entirety of the company. Unfortunately the area has since been redeveloped and the building demolished.