Piper Toronto Interurban Headlight​

This headlight would have been used by an Interurban Railway, or trolley. Likely made by the Glazier Headlight Co. of Rochester, NY, and sold by Noah Piper & Sons, of Toronto, Ontario. Noah Piper was a large railway supply company that made and jobbed quite a lot of railway items, this headlight included. I have a few other Piper items, which you can view here. These headlights differ from a traction engine headlight because of the mounting brackets on the back. This was designed to connect to a flat surface like the front of a Interurban car, rather than the normal holes for mounting to a round exhaust stack from a traction engine. Sadly without a backstory on this headlight, I don’t know where it came from.

Photo showing what appears to be this exact headlight on the British Columbia Electric Railway. It’s quite possible there is another headlight sitting on the deck of the trolley.

The bracket and extra metal on the rear of the headlight was for mounting to the front of the vehicle, this is a much different style of mounting than what is on a typical traction engine headlight. Also worth noting this headlight is noticeably smaller than my E.T. Wright Headlight. Sadly this headlight is missing the burner cone, or carburetor, not sure what it’s called. It goes over the wick tube and the glass chimney attaches to it. I have been debating stripping the lantern and repainting it. However, I would like to know if there was stenciling or wording before I do that. If you happen to have more information about this specific headlight, let me know!

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