City Of Winnipeg Hydro Railway Adlake

The City Of Winnipeg Hydro Railway

At first glance, a person could see this lantern and think it was made for use by a City Of Winnipeg works department, etc. However, if you dig a little deeper, this lantern has an incredible railway History. This lantern was made for the City Of Winnipeg Hydro Railway. This railway was owned by the city and completed in 1908 to support the construction and operation of the Pointe Du Bois dam. The line was built from the Canadian Pacific line at Lac Du Bonnet, to Pointe Du Bois 25 miles away. In the 1920s, an 8 mile extension was added to Slave Falls, because of a new dam site being built there.

The City of Winnipeg Hydro Railway is an obscure, little known operation, often getting confused with the Greater Winnipeg Water District (GWWD) built in 1914. As with the City Of Winnipeg Hydro Railway, the GWWD is a Winnipeg owned railway used for construction and operations of a hydro dam. The GWWD is still operating today.

The Hydro Railway became famous in the 1950s because they were still operating a 4-4-0 steam locomotive, the oldest operating in Canada. That locomotive lives on as Prairie Dog Central No.3. The railway was abandoned in the 1960s when a road was built to Pointe Du Bois, making the railway irrelevant. The 25 mile portion was abandoned leaving an isolated 8 miles between Pointe Du Bois and Slave Falls. I’m not sure when the rest of the line was abandoned. There are some excellent photos of the City of Winnipeg hydro Railway on Old Time Trains.

If you want to read more about the fascinating history of Winnipeg Hydro and the hydro electric dams this railway served, you can read more here: A History of Electric Power in Manitoba.


The Lantern

This lantern was made by the Adams & Westlake Co. (Adlake). It has an 1895 patent date on it. However, it also has a small stamp saying “Patent Applied For”. The patent that is referencing was issued in 1909, and it was applied for beginning of 1908. The Hydro Railway was completed and opened 1908, so this lantern lines up directly with the start of the railway. It has an absolutely beautiful deep orange ‘root beer’ globe in it.

The lantern is in really nice condition. There is some rust on the lid. I’m in a new area and don’t really have the ability to restore it at the moment. Once I’m able too, I will update the photos.

I acquired this lantern from a friend. He bought this lantern many years ago from a retired conductor who had worked for the GWWD.


  • Monica Moser

    Just wondering if you have any information on a lunch pail made but E.T.Wright Co makers
    It is metal on the top and bottom with a canvas body and two wires in the inside to hold the sides up. I have pictures. I have been looking and looking and can not find any information
    Please let me know if you have any information for me. Thank you

    • Drew Goff

      Hi Monica,

      I’d be extrmely interested in seeing it! I can likely help you out with more information on it. If you send me a message through my contact page, I’ll happily help you out!

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