E.T. Wright & Co. Canadian National Railway Short Globe

This lantern is one of the short lived E.T.W short globe lanterns. These lanterns were only made for a short time between 1926-1928 because of a lawsuit from The Adams & Westlake Company and Hiram L. Piper against E.T.W. If you’re familiar with Adlake Kero lanterns, you’ll notice this lantern is a close copy of an Adlake Kero.

This lantern is pretty much all original with so much tin plating left. It has a cast CNR Mckee Glasbake globe, made by the Mckee Glass Company of Jeannette, Pennsylvania. It’s believed these are the globes that originally came in E.T.W short globes, however I don’t have evidence to back that up. Also worth noting is the P scratched into the very top of the lantern. Likely that was the first initial of the railroad worker who owned the lantern.

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  • JoEllen McLeish-Wright

    I was on ancestry and discovered my great grandfather (Alexander Anderson) worked as a blacksmith for Wright & Co in 1911. I was curious if you would know what he may have produced for that company at that time?
    Thank you for your time.
    Best regards,
    JoEllen McLeish-Wright

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