1890s C.T. Ham No.0​

C.T. Ham Mfg. Co. of Rochester, NY, made this lantern in the early 1890s. The ‘D’ shaped tubes was a design used by C.T. Ham frequently in the 1890s.  This lantern has a pin lift, which is on the lower left side of the lantern. Ham lanterns of this era also have a spring inside the center tube. The spring inside the tube is used to hold the crown firmly to the globe. The wire on the outside of the center tube is used to lift the crown so the user can remove the globe. This lantern predates Ham’s “Side Spring Safety” line of lanterns.

I got this lantern fairly early into my collecting, it’s a neat little lantern.The simplicity of the lantern is something I love, it has no guard, square bail, pin lift, etc. I believe the bail was shaped like that so an optional cage could be added. However, I’m not really that familiar with Ham lanterns.

The globe is cast with “Ham’s No.0 Tubular”. A fairly common Ham globe, but fits perfectly in this lantern. I actually found the globe in a Dietz Side Lift, but figured it was better suited in this Ham lantern.


  • Bill Contarino

    Good Morning,

    My wife’s father was a Western Pennsylvania railroad worker and she has a CT Ham No.0. It’s been painted Blue and has a red globe. How do you find out what year it is? She wants me to sell it but I haven’t a clue as to it’s worth. It’s pretty cool. I have some photos and can share. Thanks, Bill

    • Drew Goff

      Hi Bill,

      Get in touch with me through the contact page and I can gladly help you with some information.

      The way the tubes are constructed, features on a lantern, and globe guards, or lack thereof all help date when a lantern was made. Patent dates can also help give an idea when something was made.


  • margie sheffel

    We have a lantern that has C.T.H. CO. No 0. We have noticed that most of the lanterns are marked C. T. Ham. Is there a difference in the dates that these two were produced. The last photo above looks like the lantern we have.

    Thank for your offer of information on these lanterns,
    Margie Sheffel

  • Roger Krueger

    Our family member has asked me to find the value of a Hams No O glass fount lantern. Dates on the bottom are June 7, 1887, Sept 16, 1890, Oct 31, 1893. In great condition. Thanks

  • Christopher L Sodano

    Trying to date a c.t.ham mfg.co lantern #0.
    It is marked C.T.Ham Mfg Co, No 0, SSS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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