1890s Dietz No. 0 Side Lift

A bit of a departure from my usual collecting, however I just love the look of this lantern. Made by the R.E. Dietz Co. in the mid to late 1890s, the Side Lift was made along side the Square Lift. The difference being the Square lift has a tab attached to the crown that could be pulled straight up to lift the globe. The Side Lift instead uses a lever on the side of the lantern.

This lantern has a C.T. Ham globe marked “Ham’s No 0 Tubular”, Im not quite sure how an 1890s Dietz lantern with a similar age C.T. Ham globe came to be paired together, especially in Canada. Guess I’m in need of a Dietz marked globe for this lantern.

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  • Francisco Lubbert

    Hello Drew,

    My wife just bought one of these in a local thrift store (Saltillo, Mexico), it was great to find all the information about it in your web page. Thank you.

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