1895-1900 C.T. Ham No.9 Street Lantern

Easily one of my favourite types of lanterns are street lanterns, I only have one at the moment but I just love these huge lanterns. These came either as pole mounted, or hanging, and were used on streets, railway station platforms, etc. This one is a pole mounted variant, made by C.T. Ham.

The story on this lantern is that it came from the Grand Trunk Railway station in Simcoe, Ontario, however I have not seen a photo to prove that story. This lantern was painted silver when I got it, but underneath that silver was a rather intact original red finish, however I sadly could not save the original finish. The Burner is cracked as well, So I’ll need to find a replacement somewhere.


  • Mel Bergen

    I have this as well But mine is black. I found mine in a garbage bin. I to I’m looking for the burner for mine. It’s an awesome looking lantern.
    If you happen to find a burner for these lanterns would it be possible for you to let me know.

    • Drew Goff

      Found in a garbage bin, wow! Lucky find. I’ll keep an eye out for burners, but they are hard to find, I would recommend talking to the Kirkman’s at lanternnet.com, they might have something for you.

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