Stanton Fuels & Cartage Beacon Lanterns

These lanterns were gifted to me by a good friend, the daughter of Bill Stanton. Owner of the Stanton Fuels and Cartage Company of Toronto, Ontario. Stanton Fuels and Cartage was a trucking company, and coal supplier, which was in operation from the 1930s-1960s. Later on as the coal business died off, they switched to supplying Shell Gasoline. The companies main location was on Morse Street in Toronto, but also had their coal yard on a small street called Strange Street.

These lanterns were used at the coal yard. The coal yard was a narrow, long yard tucked between the street and the adjacent railway tracks. It had a railway siding connected to it, which is how the coal was delivered. Bill Stanton would place these lanterns along the siding to direct the train crew where he wanted the cars placed. One thing Bill did was paint the crowns of the lanterns yellow, which was the accent colour of his trucks, bright red with yellow lettering. He must have had some spare paint, so decided to paint them yellow as an identifier. I was also given a few other Stanton Fuels & Cartage items to go with the lanterns. including a business card for Bill Stanton, and some advertising cards, advertising the coal business these lanterns are associated with.

One of these was the first tubular lantern I owned, and could be considered the catalyst for this whole site. One of the things I love most about collecting is when a personal story can be attached to an item, that just makes it so much more special. I love these lanterns as they have that story, and because they were gifts from a friend.


  • Brad

    Hi, I have a Beacon Lantern Identical to the clear glass model pictured. What I can’t see in your picture is the other side. My lantern has the GSW logo on the opposite side to the Guaranteed Windproof words. Could you tell me what year this might be?

    Thank you very much,

    Brad Wells

    • Drew Goff

      Hi Brad,

      If you take a look at my Beacon lantern page here: Beacon Lanterns

      This will give you a rundown of all the different types through the years. Assuming yours is just a regular Beacon tall globe, it would date from 1928 into the early 1960s. You can send me an email through my contact page if you want to know more.


    • Drew Goff

      Hi Maria, no they didn’t. Beacon lanterns were made by General Steel Wares or Sheet Metal Products. Coleman made pressure lanterns, which are a different design.

      • Daniel Nadeau

        I would like more info about the lanterns I found in an old barn in Alberta. Thx in advance. Don’t know how to attach pics

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