1890’s-1900 Stone’s Short Tubular

This lantern is one of the most classic designs in Canadian lantern history. “Stone’s Short Tubular” was a popular lantern in Canada all the way from when Stone first came out with it in the mid 1870s. Likely this lantern was made by C.F. Smith but also possible it was made by W.W. Chown, unfortunately there is not much way of telling.

For Americans, this lantern is also quite recognizable as a Waterbury Tubular Lantern made by Matthew’s & Willard’s in Waterbury, Connecticut. This is because J.H. Stone contracted the manufacture of these lanterns out to M&W. The way you can tell the difference is the patent dates on the lanterns, Canadian made lanterns use Canadian patents, and the American made lanterns use American Patents.

One of the defining features is the locking cone that C.F. Smith designed and patented. All of the lanterns made by his company, and some lanterns made by Chown later have this locking cone.

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