1900-1903 No.0 Stone’s Tubular

This lantern was the later design of “Stones Short Tubular”. First advertised in the late 1890s, this lantern replaced the fancy scroll work design Stone/ C.F. Smith lanterns used until then. Interestingly, while manufactured by W.W. Chown & Co. most advertising for the lantern labelled it as a Stone lantern, because for decades the name J.H. Stone was so known when it came to Canadian Lanterns. In 1903 J.H. Stone moved back to Toronto to form a new company and took the lantern design and patents with him.

This particular lantern is great evidence of the Chown connection to Defiance Lantern & Stamping Co. of Rochester as it had the “Fluted globe plate” that is so well known in Defiance/Embury lanterns. I decided to put a red globe into it, however it originally came with the “Domco Owens Globe” but that was moved to another lantern. Those Domco Owens globes were what originally came in Chown lanterns.

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