1892-1894 No.0 Royal Hinge Screw Globe

This was DTL’s response to the Steam Gauge & Lantern “OK” lantern. The OK was a hinged lantern much like this one. However this lantern is different than its American counterpart because of the design of the tubes, and the screwed-in globe. The original globe to this lantern had a threaded base that screwed into the globe plate, holding it firmly in place. The tubes were a new design to DTL in 1892, breaking from their tradition of closely mimicking Steam Gauge lanterns.

This lantern has a DTL globe, however sadly the globe is not the original threaded globe. I doubt I’ll ever find one as I can image they break quite easily in this design. Over tightening, bangs, rust, a whole manner of things could easily break glass in this setup. The lantern itself looks like it was dropped down a flight of stairs. The tubes are badly damaged and so is the crown. However this is a hard to find lantern and in any condition it’s worth having to me.

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