1894-1904 A. Hinge

In the 1890s, E.T. Wright & Co. made 3 different types of hot blast lanterns, which they named the A. Hinge, B. Hinge, and C. Lift. This is the A. Hinge, it’s the ‘A’ model because it came first. This is the first style of lantern E.T. Wright & Co. made, starting in 1888. In 1894 they switched to the square tube ‘coffin corner’ style. This lantern was the first ETW hinge lantern I found, and I decided to leave it as is, painted black. Interestingly, even up to 1904 when ETW ceased production of the hinge lanterns, they did not include a filler cap. The user still had to remove the burner and cone and fill the lantern through the burner collar.

The globe in this lantern is simply marked E.T.W & Co. H. This globe would have been made towards the end of the production of these lanterns, so a perfect fit.

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