1908 No.4

1908 was an interesting year for E.T. Wright, they switched from the 1905 model, back to their more typical design. Along with that change, they also came out with a new lift design, well, in reality it was a rip off of the Berger Mfg. lift. E.T. Wright had also attempted to get the lift patented but failed. Shortly after the patent failure, they stopped making this design and switched again back to the common lever lift in 1909. Also for a short period, E.T. Wright only marked the model number on the fount, no ‘No.4’ or ‘No.2’, like they had always done, just ‘4’ or ‘2’, I’m not entirely sure why.

The way the lift works on this lantern is a handle that can be pulled to the side of the lantern. The handle, being on a hinge, then lifts the globe plate up. On the opposite side of the lantern, a guide has been installed. The guide directs the globe plate as it lifts, and prevents the globe plate from moving out of place. It’s a rather ingenious lift, but not a design by E.T. Wright, rather a total rip off. A practice that was quite common for lantern makers. 

This lantern is also a dash lantern, designed to be used on the front dashboard of a horse drawn carriage. The spring wire is what clamped it to the front. There is also a hole for hanging the lantern on a nail, if the owner desired.

This lantern is in pretty remarkable shape with a lot of tin plating still intact. It’s a nice example of a rather oddball model. I realize I forgot to add a burner in this one when I took the photos, whoops!

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