1910 No.4 CB Brass Fount

Starting in 1910, E.T. Wright & Co. made a habit of changing and innovating their lanterns every year. 1910 was the first year for strengthening beads in the tubes, a design that would become a staple of ETW lanterns from this point. It was also the first year a large filler cap was used. With all the firsts though, it was also the last. This was the last year ETW made a cold blast with a flat top to the fount. In 1911, ETW would introduce the rounded top fount.

This lantern is a brass fount model. Brass founts were made because brass does not rust, so it was a feature for buyers to have a lantern that would not rust in the fount. Brass founts are striking, but it’s also extremely common nowadays for them to be cracked as brass is rather fragile.

I had this lantern for a long time, when I got it, it was missing every part in relation to the globe and globe lift. After having it over a year I finally had found a cheap suitable ETW lantern to use for parts, and was able to complete this lantern.

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