1911 No.4 CB

This E.T. Wright made lantern is a special one in the evolution of
the Wright Cold Blast. 1911 was the first year of the rounded top fount,
1910 and earlier the top of the fount (fuel tank) was flat. This was
done so water would roll off the top and not pool and cause rust.
Unfortunately the lantern is missing the pull ring on top, a common
problem for ETW lanterns. The pull ring was attached with a small brass
clip wrapped around the ring and bent flush on the bottom of the crown
(the top piece of metal covering the chimney). The clips are small and
thin and because of that the clip had a tendency  to break or bend out
due to the softer material.

A few differences to note in detail about this 1911 model and later
models is on the 1911, the fuel cap is set flush with the tank when
screwed in. In 1912 and later models the fuel filler spout is set out so
the fuel cap sticks out from the tank more. That change made it easier
to get a grip on the fuel cap. 1911 was a first with the rounded top
fount, but it was also a last for Wright. in 1912 they patented a
special bail connector to the lantern. This bail connector wrapped
around the top tubes and chimney to form “ears” as they called it. This
eliminated holes in the tubes and the possibility for the tin to rip
around where the bails connected to the tubes. A common problem for us
collectors now!

The Globe

This lantern also has quite a special and striking, a red E.T. Wright
“Rubber Crystal” Globe. The Rubber Crystal globe was ETW’s name for
globes, as durable as rubber, and as clear as crystal. The globes are
usually quite clear, but I don’t think I trust the rubber claim!  The
look of the lantern and the special year of it convinced me to put my
hard to find red globe in it. I found the globe on a local classified 3
and a half hours north of where I live, so a friend and I went on a day
trip north to go get it. I wanted the globe pretty badly so the drive
was well worth it.

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