1912-15 No.4 Brass Fount

1912 marks a rather important year for Wright, a small but wonderful change happened to their lanterns. This was their patent for the bail ears. Before, the bails of their lanterns were set in holes in the sides of the tubes, one drop or accident with the lantern could easily rip a large hole in the side of the tube.  Wright got their patent for a bail connector that wrapped around the outside of the tube where the chimney and tube intersects. This new design eliminated the possibility of ripping the tubes, closed the tubes making them more windproof and strengthened the bail all in one small change. This design stayed on Wright lanterns right until they closed in 1933.

One of the options you could buy was brass founts on a lantern. These were advertised as a fount that doesn’t rust. Unfortunately brass has a tendency to crack as it gets old, called “stress cracking”. An all-too common problem for us collectors nowadays.

This lantern has a replaced aluminum thumb pull on the top of the crown. Other than that it is in excellent condition. This was my first brass fount lantern. The unmarked blue globe provides a great look in the lantern.

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