1913 No.3 Wrightlight

In 1913, the lantern industry began to introduce the short globe. Due
to this new standard, Sheet Metal Products introduced the Beacon No.3, Ontario Lantern & Lamp
came out with the Trulite, and E.T. Wright & Co. came up with the
No.3 WrightLight. ETW made it no secret how much they disliked this new
design. ETW believed their No.4 lantern was the perfect lantern, and the
globe size was the right size. They went so far as releasing an
advertisement to the hardware trade saying why would you buy the new
short globe, when the No.4 was so much better.

Predictably, with ETW’s disdain of the new trend in lanterns, their
design reflected how little they thought of it. The new No.3 was
essentially a No.4 with a piece of metal added to fit the new short
globe. To ETW’s credit, they quickly came up with a proper design for
the Short globe. That said, they still disliked the new design and even
released an advertisement saying the No.3 is a waste, with the
illustration of this new lantern.

I suspect much to ETW’s disappointment, the short globe became a
success, a massive success. ETW switched to positive advertising about
the No.3 even kept the low effort No.3 for those who want it. They kept
the original No.3 pattern as a secondary No.3 for the people that liked

The Rising Cone

The original No.3 also came with a ‘rising cone’, which was also
becoming a popular addition to lanterns in America. The ETW rising cone
was the only Canadian rising cone produced. Unlike their American
counterparts, the ETW rising cone was made on the cheap. The only change
ETW made was cutting the cone in half and soldering the upper half to
the globe plate. The rising cone was only around for a short time, as
was the second model, being made for under a year before ETW stopped in
favour of the new No.3 model.

Even though ETW started off hating the short globe, the success of
the new style led to the Wrightlight becoming one of the most
successful lanterns ETW produced.

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  • Glenn and Nancy Henning

    We have a No. 3 short globe lantern of E.T. Wright Ltd. It say’s Pat. Feb. 1912. It has the rising cone. If I were to sell it, how much should I ask? This is so interesting.
    Nancy Henning

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