1920s-1933 No.4 Canada Military

This lantern was from one of the orders the Canadian military placed for lanterns from E.T. Wright & Co. I have seen one order of 15,000 lanterns for the military during WW1. This lantern dates to the 1920s until the end of the company in 1933. I was fortunate enough to get this lantern from a woman who’s father served in the Military before WW2 and went back to the military during WW2. He likely picked this lantern up during his military service between the two wars.

The giveaway for the lantern being military is the dark green finish. I’m not sure if it’s Japan or paint for this era. The globe in this lantern is also rather different. It’s marked ‘Made in Canada’, like Beacon lanterns, however the writing is along the top of the globe and in a font I didn’t recognize. I saw a photo of another Canadian military lantern made by ETW with this same globe, leading me to believe this globe was made for these military lanterns. With so much of the green finish, and almost no rust or dents, this is a great example of Candian Military and ETW history.

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