No.0 Hot Blast Globes​

E.T. Wright made a myriad of hot blast globes, going back to their first lanterns and until the company closed. The designs for these globes changed quite a lot over time.

E.T. Wright Perfection

I have seen a few of these globe now, and I’m still baffled by them. This style of globe was used in the Hinge lanterns made by E.T. Wright, but I have never seen the name Perfection ever used by E.T. Wright. I don’t know if it’s the name of a lantern model or of the globe itself. So This globe remains a bit of a mystery for me.

E.T. Wright Hamilton Globe

This globe was used in the 1890s by E.T. Wright for their hinge lanterns. This globe even has a ring about 3/4s down the globe, where the bail of the hinge lantern had hit and rubbed against it for it’s life. These are my favourite globes made by ETW, the shape is stunning.

E.T.W Comet

The Comet was the hot blast line made by ETW from 1912 until the late 1920s. The Comet logo on the globe is a little unique for ETW, they didn’t really do much like this on other globes.

1900-1912 No.0

This globe was used by ETW sometime between 1900 and 1912, this globe was pretty standard for hot blast globe from different makers, just a simple name.

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