Late 1870s-1883 Stone’s Short Tubular

This lantern was made beginning in the late 1870s, likely around 1877-78. This is the first version of his lanterns to have rounded corners, moving away from the earlier ‘coffin corner’ design (used from 1873-1876 or later). Interestingly, this design combines the straight lower tube, and the corner, whereas most other lantern designs of the era used a ‘street elbow’ styled corners. This lantern is rather unique for that design, at least among North American lanterns.

This Stove & Tin store located in Brandon, North West Territories has this exact model of lantern hanging on the wall and in the window. This incredible photo is in the Library and Archives of Canada. Circa 1882

Amazingly, for its age, this lantern is in unbelievable condition. So much of the tin plating is still intact along the fount and there is virtually no pitting on any of it. A true museum quality lantern, if ever there was one. Another nice addition to this lantern is it still has the removable globe guard, an optional part you could purchase for lanterns. Worth noting for American collectors, this side on guard is a fair bit wider than those used on American lanterns, this guard slides off the bottom of American lanterns.

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