1882-1885 Stone’s Short Lift Tubular

1882 marked the first major change to the Stone’s Short Tubular design. This new design  had a spring lift inside the chimney of the lantern. Pulling up on the ring attached to the top would lift the globe retainer up, allowing for an easy removal of the globe.

Another new design feature, and one that is pretty incredible, at least lantern design history wise, are the tubes. The tubes on this lantern are made of two shaped pieces of sheet metal, joined and crimped at the edges. This style became the standard tube construction for lanterns later on in history, especially in the 1900’s. Lanterns made today still use this style. What’s noteworthy about the tubes on this lantern, is as far as I can tell, this is the first use of this style tube, ever. This style tube was patented by Lewis F. Betts in the United States in 1886, 4 years after J.H. Stone started using them in Canada.


  • Ed Martin

    Hey Drew! E EP Martin here.
    I have one of these and was wondering if yers takes a shorter globe. I know a BLIZZARD sized globe will not fit in mine and a 00 globe is too short. I have a globe in mine that fits, but it is the only globe that size I have come across…different bird right there! Nice lanterns though!

    • Drew Goff

      Hi Ed, all my Canadian made Stone lanterns use 6 1/2 inch globes. It seems only the M&W made Stone lanterns use that shorter globe, and not all of them do for that matter. I really have no idea why they did that.

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