1920s McClary’s No.4 (E.T. Wright & Co)

This lantern was made by E.T. Wright, for McClary’s Mfg. Co. sometime likely in the 1920s. I remember picking this one up in London, Ontario, where McClary’s was headquartered. Felt pretty fitting to find it there.


  • Jason Durick

    Very nice! I stumbled upon your website after purchasing three lanterns at an antique store. One of the lanterns is a McClary’s No. 22 very similar to the one you show here. I also picked up a Beacon which you also have listed on your website.

    • Drew Goff

      Hi Jason,
      The 22 is a neat lantern! It’s a large fount lantern, so the fuel fount is much larger and can burn continuously for well over 24 hours. The 22 like this one was made by E.T. Wright for McClary’s, like my lantern here. If you want, contact me thorugh my contact page and send me some photos. I’ll happily give you more info if you want.


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