1903-4 Kemp’s Cold Blast

The 1900-1904 information on Kemp lantern is a bit muddied as they reused older illustrations. However, through my research and deduction, I’m pretty sure this lantern was made in 1903-04. In 1903 Kemp added the brass plates to the chimney of their lanterns. On one side it says “A Perfect Light in Any Wind GUARANTEED” and on the other it said ” Kemp Mfg. Co.” Sadly almost all the Kemp lanterns I have come across, are lacking that Kemp name badge, this one included. I suspect much like McClary Caboose Stoves at the time, people would pull those off and use them for decorations, as they’re quite ornate.

This lantern is absolutely gorgeous, and in near perfect condition. Kemp lanterns are some of my favourite and this one stands out as the nicest in my collection. The details in the chimney around the tubes, the skirt along the bottom are some of the finer details Kemp added to their lanterns. The Canadian lantern market was fierce so manufacturers had to really go above and beyond when designing lanterns.

Inside this lantern is one of my favourite globes, the ‘Bulldog”. This globe was for a hardware store or company I still haven’t found a name for yet. I know of one lantern made by Kemp with the bulldog name on it, so I figured this lantern is a good home for the globe.

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