1908-1909 Banner Cold Blast

The 1908 and 1909 model of Banner would be the last cold blast produced by them to have the stunning detail around the skirt and brim of the lantern. However, they certainly made a stunning last version of it. This lantern varies only slightly from the 1907 “Improved Banner” Most notably, the “automatic lift lock”, as it was called. This lock slid over the lift wire as it was pushed down and locked it into place, to lower the lantern, all the user has to do is push on the bottom of the lock. While it is a good design, and one I quite like, unfortunately it was also prone to breaking. As such this is one of the few Banners that have the lock which I’ve found intact. Almost all of them are broken nowadays.


This lantern is in fabulous condition with a lot of the original tin plating still intact. It came from a far out west, and is a true survivor.

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