1914 Trulite Top-Lift

In 1913, Ontario Lantern & Lamp released their version of the new short globe lantern, alongside other lantern manufacturers. E.T. Wright came out with the WrightLight, C.T. Ham came out with the HamLight, R.E. Dietz made the D-Lite, and Ontario Lantern & Lamp; the Trulite.

The first model of the Trulite was this top-lift model, the globe did not lift, but the chimney did. The globe plate is hinged rather than a lift. This design was not terribly popular and in late 1914 it was changed to a regular lift design.

This Trulite has the larger filler cap, and fount found on the late 1914 and later regular lift Trulite. Which likely means it was a transitional lantern made shortly before the regular lift lanterns started production. I’ve decided to leave this one in ‘as found’ condition. It was cleaned with a strong abrasive like sandpaper, so it’s quite scratched. However, it does have a nice look to it.


  • Marc Guitard

    Hi, you have a fantastic collection and website. I was looking for more information on a Trulite lantern I recently acquired but can’t seem to find much. I looked for a contact link but did not find one? Hopefully you will see my comment and contact me.



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