1894 Climax

This Climax is a bit of an interesting one. It’s a transitional model between tube designs. Before 1894 the Climax lanterns were made with ‘coffin’ corner square tubes. Post 1894 the tubes were square but with ‘crinkle’ corners. This lantern appears to fit in the transition stage between the two designs. Possibly the tooling for the original tubes broke, so they used the tooling for the round tubes. Who knows, but this lantern is definitely an oddball, especially for Climax’s.

This is the Hinge model, Ontario Lantern made 3 versions of the Climax, the lift, crank and tilt. The tilt was designed and patented by Ernest Schultz, but the inspiration from J.H. Stone’s hinge design is definitely noticeable.

This lantern is in excellent shape, and even has the original fancy fuel cap. Ontario lantern used those fuel caps on their earlier products.

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