1901-1904 New Century Banner

What better way to bring in the new century than to get a lantern like this! The ‘New Century Banner’ was designed and patented by Ernest Schultz. This is definitely one of the most stunning lantern designs out there. These lanterns proved to be extremely popular. What’s interesting, the designs on the tubes weren’t just for decoration, they provide support in strengthening the tubes.

Sadly, this lantern appears to have been sand blasted, I haven’t done anything to it, this is how I got it. Sand Blasting is too rough on softer metal like the brass and tin these lanterns are made of, it often does more damage than good on lanterns. The saddest part of this lantern is the brass tag that’s been ripped up. A good lesson in how not to clean up a lantern. Even still, this lantern is a fine example of a beautiful Canadian lantern design.

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